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Planning for the Future

Planning for the future
Photo: UNDP/Karin Schermbrucker for Slingshot

It responds to basic needs.

Basic Needs
Photo: UNDP Jamaica/Dominic Davis
Local Producers
Photo: UNDP Lebanon /Dalia Khamissy

It creates a better and more just life for producers and consumers.

It minimizes the use of natural resources and toxic materials.

Natural Resources
Photo: UNDP Climate Adaption–Nepal
Newborn Baby
Photo: UNDP/Karin Schermbrucker for Slingshot

It doesn’t jeopardize the needs of those who are yet to come.

“The Peacemaker taught us about the Seven Generations. He said, when you sit in council for the welfare of the people, you must not think of yourself or of your family, not even of your generation. He said, 'make your decisions on behalf of the Seven Generations coming, so that they may enjoy what you have today'.”

Oren Lyons

Faithkeeper, Onondaga Nation.

Seven Generations
Photos, left to right: UNDP Mongolia/Nicolas Petit; UNDP Jamaica/Dominic Davis; UNDP/Karin Schermbrucker for Slingshot