Chapter 02

As A


Covid-19 Has Also Exposed The Real Dangers Of
Humankind’s Rapid Encroachment
On The Natural
World And The Staggeringly High Price We Pay For
Tolerating Vast Inequalities.

Photo: UNDP
Bangladesh / Fahad Kaizer

Photo: UNDP
Central African Republic

Photo: UNDP Pakistan

In almost every country
COVID-19 has blasted
through poorer
communities, sickening
and killing the most
vulnerable at much
greater rates than those
who can afford to

The pandemic has forced even wider gaps between
those who have quality healthcare, and those
who don’t.

It represents the largest setback in global human development –
which can be measured as a combination of the world’s education,
health and living standards – since the concept was introduced in 1990.

Photo: UNDP Yemen

It has also proven that
good health is much more
than simply who is able
to see a doctor.

The conditions in which people are born, live and
work – including factors such as poverty, exclusion,
inequality, social status, housing and environmental
and political conditions – have a major impact on
their health and well-being.

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Photo: UNDP
Bangladesh / Fahad Kaizer