Chapter 05

Development on
Fast forward


COVID-19 has shown us that our economic growth model is not practical, equitable or
sustainable. It has emphasized the need for immediate change and to consider new
ideas that might previously have been considered too hard or impractical.

It’s an exciting time to break with the broken ways
of the past and re-write ‘normal’.

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What Is
Undp Doing

UNDP’s response is undergirded by the idea that good health is fundamentally tied to
equality and development, and the health of the natural world.

Photo: UNDP Bosnia and
Herzegovina / Dejan Miholjcic

Photo: UNDP
Iraq / Abdullah Dhiaa Al-Deen

We are helping decision
makers look beyond
recovery, towards 2030,
in governance, social
protection, the green
economy, and making
progress in

UNDP has identified seven ‘tipping points’ – from a global ceasefire , to ways to
tackle exclusion, racism and gender inequalities and promote planetary health and

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Viet Nam / Nguyen Khanh

We are leading the COVID-19 Rapid
Response Facility.

US $100

is being fast tracked for immediate
assistance. We estimate a minimum of
US$500 million is needed to support 100

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We have put forward the idea of a
Temporary Basic Income in order
to help the

2.7 Billion

living below or just about the poverty line in
132 developing countries.

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We are embracing new
technology and expanding
digital technology to improve
AI and telemedicine .

We are supporting health care systems and services, including for
people living with HIV.

With Who, UNAIDS, the global fund

and other partners, we are supporting UN-wide efforts to promote
mental health .

Photo: UNDP
Djibouti / Aurélia Rusek

Photo: UNDP
Georgia / Nino Zedginidze

With the UN we have outlined six
areas for critical action to

Prevent violence

against women and girls.

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UNDP will advocate for universal healthcare and


and by stopping the continuous expansion of
farmland for food production.

Chapter 06

A global
Stress test

Photo: UNDP
Bangladesh / Fahad Kaizer