Chapter 04



Even before COVID-19, zoonotic diseases — those which
jump from animals to humans — have been growing,
spurred on by the destruction of natural habitats.

Photo: UNDP /
Lesley Wright

We’ve seen

Ebola And
West Nile

cross over to humans and this
trend is likely to continue.

A recent report from UN Environment says these will become more frequent
and more severe if we don’t treat the root cause of zoonotic pandemics.

“Wildlife and biodiversity underpin the well-being, safety, and resilience of all societies. One million animal and plant species are at risk of extinction in the coming decades. If we’re to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, we must reverse this trend now and put nature at the heart of development.”

– Midori Paxton, UNDP Head of Biodiversity

The pandemic has exposed the catastrophic dangers of humankind’s rapid
encroachment on the natural world, and the staggeringly high price we pay for
tolerating vast inequalities between and within societies.

Chapter 05

Development on
Fast forward

Photo: UNDP
Sudan / Yousif Hamad-Alneel